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One thought on “Getting Started!

  1. Hey Leh,

    Would love to see some of your other items if you have some photos.
    Not sure if you want to make a Project blog post for a few of your other items that you have mentioned. Sorry in my long-winded response following as I started typing and more just came out.

    I am a long-time wanna be wood worker. Before I found your podcast, I actually hit my limit and had my ‘I’ve had enough’ tantrum. I was in my shop and picked up a square and then laid it down……I spent the next hour trying to find that square (for some reason on principle) and ultimately didn’t finish my project.
    I could have simply found a different tool that could have worked but the mini tantrum I threw did me some good. I finally began to reorganize. I am currently in that process and have built a new peg board wall hanging unit from Woodsmith. I am 80% compete as i have changed a few design ideas. However, I then ran across your podcast before getting onto a plane back to Denver. It sounds like you have worked through some of my same challenges I am facing right now, and it is fabulous to hear someone else put it into words. So any ideas that you have to share I will gladly be looking to soak them up.

    I don’t expect that you have any pre-photos of your old desk but it would be excellent to see if you have any photos of that desk after you refinished it.

    I haven’t made it through all of your podcasts yet but here are some of the things I would love to see and hear some additional comments on.
    Photos of old refinished desk
    Photos of the the Baby Room
    Photos of the Train Bunk
    Photos or some of your ides for the shop work station glue ups (MDF)
    Photos and tools for your Pens and Wine corks

    PS I have had my own running joke (not really that funny)
    Me: “I can/could/should build that rather than paying that much for …”
    Wife’s response: “I have no doubt….but when and in what future decade will it be completed?”