AW #016 – The Simplest Way To Woodwork Fast


What is the Simplest Way to Woodwork Fast?

Well, before I answer that question, I need to give some background.  Today’s topic was born out of my own two recent mistakes. If you have not noticed, I have not been able to podcast for a few weeks now.  I recently had some free time and I had to make a choice between podcasting and woodworking.  Sorry everyone, but I choose woodworking.  I needed some therapy time.

The sad thing is that if I had applied the advice I am about to give, I would have had enough time to woodwork and podcast a couple weeks ago. So, over the course of the next several minutes, I am going to tell you about  two things happened to me recently that really pissed me off.  At the end of that, I will give you my answer, but I bet you will have already figured it out by listening to my own foolishness.  Of course, once I realized my mistake, I was able to fix it.  The problem is, I did not learn from the first time I made the mistake.  I had to make it a second time for it to start to sink in.  Then I realized, perhaps I need to write it down, admit to it everyone, and talk about it to make it sink it so I do not make the same mistake.

First time I messed up.