AW #015 – When to Buy vs Build Your Next Woodworking Shop Project


In Episode number 15, I talk about when to build vs when to buy that next woodworking shop project.  If you are like me, you sometimes struggle with that dilemma.  I see a router station, drill press table, new storage system, or cool system or parts to build cabinets quickly at the store or on line and say, “That is nice!”  But then you say, but I can build that . . why should I spend money on that?

Then I get into my shop and suddenly have the following types of conversations with myself  . . . “ok well my wife really wants me to finish this table, but if I make this new workbench I would probably work a lot faster;” or . . . “gosh, if I could rebuild my router table to collect dust better, and allow me to adjust the router bit level faster I might use it more” . . .  or “if I would only build a drilling station to hold all my cordless batteries and drills, then I would always have a place to put drills and drill bits when I finish working with them.  But, I told my wife I would finish my dining room table before Thanksgiving.  Maybe I should go ahead and buy that new station so it will help me finish that project.”