AW #014 – Finding Wood-Life Balance – In and Out of the Shop


In Episode 14 of the Avid Woodworker Podcast, I wanted to discuss woodworking balance.  I don’t know about you, but my order of priority in life is faith, family, work, woodworking, health, and podcasting.  There are sometimes that I wish I could either move woodworking above my work in priority or actually make woodworking my work.  But without the work part, I don’t have the money for woodworking.

There are times where I have put woodworking above everything, only to hear about it later from the family.  You heard in an earlier blog that I have been putting woodworking above my health, which contributed to me getting to sick last year.  I am working on that, but for now, woodworking has still been ahead of my health.  I need to find a better balance here.  Or, perhaps combine woodworking and health by using only hand tools.