AW #011 – 5 Simple Woodworking Dust Control Tips


The Avid Woodworker – AW Episode # 11 – 5 Simple Woodworking Dust Control Tips

In this episode, I talk about a 5 Simple Tips you can do to control dust in your shop as well as keep it out of your lungs, and your house.  Before I get started with the tips, I briefly discuss why this should be taken very seriously.


For years, most woodworkers (myself included) have considered wood dust to be a nuisance.  But, with the sinus problems I started to develop in 2005, I started to realize that wood dust is harmful and should be taken seriously.   Frankly, the more research I performed, the more concerned I became and began to make changes in how I woodwork as it related to wood dust.  Here is some of the information I have found: