Episode # 2 – Finding More Time to Woodwork


Episode # 2 – Finding More Time to Woodwork

5 Simple things you can do to find more time to Woodwork

In past couple weeks, I have been telling everyone I know about my new podcast and how excited I am about it.  There were several that told me how much they enjoy woodworking, but feel like they don’t have time to do it.  A couple even commented on the quality tools they have for woodworking that just seem to be collecting dust in the basement.  One person even had a $3,000 Sawstop sitting in their basement still in the box!

So several people asked me how I have time to woodwork in addition to all the other things I am involved in.  This really got me thinking, because I do have a lot on my plate.  For example:

  • Co-owner in a law firm with a total of 12 lawyers.  A slow week at the firm for me is 60 hours.  Some weeks it can go up to as many as 80 hours.  The reason for so many hours is that, in addition to handling my case load and the legal work associated with that, I am also handling a portion of the marketing, administration, and management of the firm.
  • I am fairly active in Cub Scouts.  In addition to being responsible for a couple large events in our Pack (cub-mobile and the Christmas parade), I am the Den leader for my oldest son’s den and co-den leader for my youngest son’s den.  Now, I do have some fantastic support from the parents and other leaders in our Pack, so I am by no means 100% responsible for all the prep work for my dens.
  • In the past couple weeks, I have